CPM demands reopening of Tumapala sugar factory in Anakapalle

Telangana Today – 8 September 2017: Visakhapatnam: The Communist Party of India (Marxist) has demanded the reopening of Tumapala sugar factory in Anakapalle which has been under a lock-out for the past three years and warned that any attempt to privatise the factory would be resisted strongly.

CPM district secretary K Lokanadham said on Thursday that the Chief Minister, who visited the district and addressed a public meeting at Gobburu in Kasimkota mandal on Wednesday, was expected to make an announcement on the factory regarding its modernisation, payment of arrears to farmers and employees.

“However, he evaded it much to the chagrin of the locals and we conden it. Even the TDP MP and MLAs who had urged the Chief Minister to do something for the factory, were disappointed, we hear. This only indicades that there are plans to privatise the factory in the future which will be detrimental to the interets of the farmers. We demand the factory be opened immediately and take up crushing of sugar cane this year,” he said.